Earn Money Online

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Earn Money Online

Before I show you how to start getting direct referrals on Neobux or any other PTC site. I want to let you know my secret. The secret is pretty dam simple, I get direct referrals from my websites www.clickpak.com
& www.real-online-job.com
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Now you might be wondering how exactly I’m able to get referrals from these websites?
Where do I advertise my websites?
How can you be able to do the same to get free Direct Referrals?
I tried to get referrals from other PTC sites but its very difficult because most of the visitors from other sites don’t even read the ads. Moreover, the home page of Neobux, Clixsense or any other website have very limited information to impress a visitor in less than 1 minute to register.
This is why I made a website on which it is very clearly explained how to use NEOBUX, CLIXSENSE to make money. But again once you create your own website you
need genuinely interested people who wants to earn money online. This is very important, because if you can’t be able to get good quality traffic on your website, you can never get Direct Referrals.
In the beginning I used other PTC sites to get traffic but it didn’t work. I could hardly be able to get 1-2 referrals for $10 of advertising. I took a step back and thought of how “I” got to know about all these PTC sites. Boom, I got it.. I searched it on google about how to make money online and I landed on a website which explained to me how to make money with sites like Neobux, Clixsense etc,.
Once I be able to get my website on top of google I started getting tons of direct referrals every single day.
Question: Now, you must be thinking how to make a website, how can I able to get my website on top ranking to get some traffic.
Answer: Well, the answer to all the question is pretty dam simple. I will teach you how to do this step by step and with complete video demonstration in this EBook. Your $11 is the best 11 dollars you ever spent online.
NOTE: There are videos linked in this ebook. Please watch the all the videos.
NOTE: If you don’t want to create a website, you can always use my website to get referrals.
Just add the username/userid extinction to my website link and it will act as your own website.
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NOTE: Read these points before you start creating website
Step 1: First, Target a country and language. (mostly English or Spanish is good)
Step 2: Create a website where you can teach newbies about how to make money with sites such as NEOBUX, CLIXSENSE, etc.
Question: How can I make a website to teach people about PTC?
Answer: The complete procedure is explained in the tutorial videos which are attached in the file that you already downloaded. The people who gets 100’s and 1000’s of Direct referral on PTC sites gets it without advertising. They just make amazing tutorial websites where people can learn how to use PTC sites to make money online.
Step 3: Buy a domain name, if you are going to target the keyword for example: “earn money from home” buy a domain something similar to that.
Or if .com is not available go for .org or .net etc,. Google doesn’t discriminate domain by .com or .net you will still get traffic from GOOGLE.
The domain purchase procedure is shown in the video.
Step 4: Start creating a website. Now, I’m going to teach you how to create a website. The procedure is explained in the video very briefly. Make sure you watch the entire video and use the coupon code at Hostgator to get discount. It will be $0.01 for the first month of hosting. Coupon code: WEBSITE889
Step 5: After you create your own website, as shown in the tutorial videos. You can now work on getting traffic. These people should be genuinely interested in making money online.
How can I do that?
Do you know there are millions of people who searches on google about how to make money online? Now if you can get your website up there you can get those people become your referrals.
Step 7: Generate backlinks to your website. Now don’t panic, a backlink is simply a link of your website on other websites is known as backlink. Now if you want to get your website top ranked on google you need a lot of these backlinks.
How can I get these backlinks?
1) Make these backlinks by your self.
2) There are many SEO experts who sell backlinks for really cheap, you can buy them here.
Step 8: Getting your website ranked in google is not cup of tea. Since there are a lot of people who will buy my EBook and do the same thing what I’m showing, most of you guys may not be able to get your website on top of google.
Question: What do I do if I could not get my website on the top of google?
Answer: Get referrals from Facebook.
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1) Also When you search for “earn money online” on https://www.google.com.br/ you will see my website www.clickpak.com sitting on the top of google
2) When you search for “real-online-job.com” on https://www.google.com.br/ you will see my website www.real-online-job.com sitting on top of the page.
NOTE: If you don’t want to create a website, you can always use my website to get referrals.
Just add the username/userid extinction to my website link and it will act as your own website.
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Important points to remember:
1) Buy domain name which is similar to your main targeted keyword.
2) Buy hosting from Hostgator they are cheap and give amazing service.
3) Watch all the videos before you start.
Tutorial video  Watch video 1
1) Neobux tutorial video, you can use this video on your website.

2) PayPal registration video, you can use this on your website.

3) After creating website, you can buy links from here for just $5
4) Clixsense tutorial video